JP Philatelics

Postage Stamps of all Nations,

including U.S.

Let me help you make your collection grow!

JP Philatelics is a full-time stamp dealer in the Salt Lake City suburb of Cottonwood Heights assisting collectors and their families:

  1. At Stamp Shows (see Events Calendar).
  2. By mail (want lists welcomed).
  3. Internet website (Contact Us).
  4. Local office visits, by appointment.

Items sold

  • Individual stamps/sets of almost every country.
  • Souvenir sheets and covers of most countries (some before 1940)
  • U.S. also includes a stock of modern sheets (of 15-20 stamps), P.B.s, FDC’s, and both older and more recent covers.
  • U.S. Discount Postage often available (usable mint postage sold in packets/groups at 10-15% less than face value).
  • Wholesale Department: One-of-a-kind collections and lots, usually of one country in an album/binder. Priced at 10-30% of Scott, price depending on quality and current demand.

Other services available:
Stamp collections appraised and purchased. Immediate payment.